Marco Piccolino
cross-platform application developer, consultant & trainer
codetest-driven development
  • extensible, cross-platform C++/JS applications, from specs to publication
  • the same app can run on desktop, mobile and embedded systems
  • based on the powerful Qt libraries (2D/3D GUIs, multimedia, sensors & more)
  • crafted following behaviour-driven development and clean architecture principles
  • automated tests, GIT flow & continuous integration
  • refactoring of existing projects
extensionapplication design consulting
  • collection of feature requirements
  • design of automated tests & APIs for use cases, business entities & custom components
speaker_notestechnology training

Author of Qt 5 Projects, Packt Publishing. For queries about the book feel free to drop me an email.

I can provide ad-hoc courses for teams and individuals on:

  • Clean architecture principles for Qt applications
  • Practical QML
  • Introduction to Qt

peoplecommunity involvement
person_addother skills
I also have theoretical and working compentence in the following areas:
  • Computational linguistics, speech recognition, theoretical and applied linguistics, machine learning
    (PhD degree from University of Cambridge | thesis)
  • Graphical User Interface design
  • Graphic design and illustration
Italy-based, available throughout Europe.
Fluent in Italian, English, German and basic Spanish.
Testimonials available on LinkedIn.

Get in touch to discuss your project: